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Legal parentage for non-biological lesbian parents

If you are a lesbian with children, and one partner is the birth parent, how do you protect your parental rights? Unfortunately, you need to establish legal parentage even if you are on the birth certificate, due to the lack of certainty throughout the country and overseas. It is incredibly painful to learn you are not considered a legal parent of the child you love. Establishing parentage should be done regardless of whether you are considering leaving your relationship. 

How does property division work in Colorado divorces?

Dividing property in a divorce can be one of the most challenging steps in a difficult process. Not only are there complicated financial decisions to make, but there can also be emotional challenges that come with deciding who should receive which property.

Why you should be careful using social media during a divorce

Social media permeates every aspect of our lives these days. It is no wonder that it has a real effect on marriage and divorce. If you are prone to sharing your thoughts and daily life on social media, you might want to be careful as you get divorced.

You have more control than you think when dealing with a difficult ex

Divorce can be a nasty process, and every single couple is different. Some split on friendly terms while others will use every weapon at their disposal to make it hard on the other party. Some find themselves constantly victimized by someone that simply wants to ruin their life. This becomes particularly problematic if you have children together. If you are dealing with a difficult ex and want to stop playing the game and giving in to what he or she wants, use the following ideas to change your behaviors and exert more control over his or her behavior.


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