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Property Division

Dividing your marital property can be one of the most difficult and contentious aspects of divorce. When emotions are running high, it’s is important to have an experienced attorney by your side, protecting your interests and helping you understand the process. At The Law Offices of W. Robert Montgomery, we work closely with our clients, forming strong relationships and building trust.

Denver Attorneys for Dividing Marital Property

In Colorado, all marital property is subject to equitable division during divorce. Marital property is defined as all property, assets or debt obtained by both parties during the marriage. Anything you owned prior to the marriage is not considered marital property; however, if the property increased in value during the marriage, the difference may be subject to equitable division. Examples of marital property include:

  • Real estate, including your home
  • Bank accounts
  • Debt, including credit card debt
  • Business interests and investments
  • Retirement funds such as 401(k)s and IRAs
  • Cars and other vehicles

At The Law Offices of W. Robert Montgomery, our experienced lawyers will conduct a thorough inventory of your marital property.

We are experienced in business valuation and forensic accounting, and we work with experts as needed to ensure our clients’ interests are best represented.

Our attorneys are here to answer your questions, relieve your stress and concerns and provide you with solid recommendations aimed at a quick and fair resolution. To arrange your free initial consultation with a highly experienced Lakewood property division attorney, call 720-496-1338 or contact our law firm online. The Law Offices of W. Robert Montgomery serves clients throughout the Denver metro area.