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Common Law Marriage And Divorce

Colorado is one of only a handful of states that still legally recognize common law marriage. While there are a lot of myths about common law marriage, there are no hard and fast rules. Many people falsely believe that a couple must live together for seven years for the relationship to be considered a common law marriage. At The Law Offices of W. Robert Montgomery in Lakewood, Colorado, we dispel the misconceptions regarding common law marriage and provide well-informed legal advice to people who have questions about common law marriage and divorce.

Common Law Divorce
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Our lawyers will conduct a thorough fact-based investigation in order to determine if your relationship will stand up in court as a common law marriage by answering the following types of questions:

  • Do you hold yourselves out to the community as husband and wife?
  • Do you call each other husband and wife?
  • Do you jointly file taxes?
  • Do you co-own property?
  • Do you share debts?
  • Do you share bank accounts?
  • Do you share health care?

Even if you have lived together for many years, if your relationship does not reflect that of a traditional marriage, it may not be a true common law marriage. If we determine that your relationship is indeed a common law marriage, we can assist you in all aspects of the separation, including property division, child custody issues, child support proceedings and other family law matters.

If you are separating from someone you have been with for a substantial amount of time, this is probably a difficult time for you. At The Law Offices of W. Robert Montgomery, we are here to answer your questions, provide you with peace of mind and offer you solid legal recommendations aimed at a quick and fair resolution.

To arrange your free initial consultation with an experienced family law attorney handling common law marriage and divorce, call 720-496-1338 or contact our law firm online using the form on the side of this page. We serve clients throughout the Denver metro area.