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Child Support Enforcement And Penalties

When the court establishes a child support order, the payor is obligated to make the agreed upon payments unless a child support modification is obtained. If the payor stops paying, the recipient can take legal action to enforce the child support order. At The Law Offices of W. Robert Montgomery in Lakewood, Colorado, we know how frustrating it can be when you are not receiving the child support you need for your child. We also know that sometimes situations can change and the child support amount may no longer be reasonable. No matter the circumstances of your case, our attorneys are ready and able to represent your interests.

Penalties for Not Paying Child Support in Colorado

If you are not currently paying child support that you were ordered to pay, seek legal counsel as soon as possible. Your child’s other parent may take action to enforce the child support order, which could result in:

  • Garnishment of your wages
  • Garnishment of your bank accounts
  • Garnishment of your tax returns by the state and the IRS
  • Loss of your driver’s license and other state licenses, including occupational licenses
  • Loss of your passport
  • A jail sentence

Keep in mind that interest will be added to past due child support.

Enforcing Child Support

If you need assistance enforcing child support, our attorneys can help you file a motion for contempt and purse garnishment of the payor’s wages, bank accounts and other sources of money. Our lawyers are here to answer your questions, relieve your stress and provide you with solid recommendations aimed at a quick and fair resolution.

To arrange your free initial consultation with a highly experienced Denver child support enforcement attorney, call 720-496-1338 or contact our law firm online. The Law Offices of W. Robert Montgomery serves clients throughout the Denver metro area.