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What is the role of a trustee in a bankruptcy case?

Many Colorado residents have little to no familiarity with the legal system until they encounter it firsthand. While this is perfectly understandable, it can also lead to misinformation about how the system functions and what rights individuals may exercise.

Do I need to pay a fee to file for bankruptcy?

While the economy has rebounded in many ways from where it was years ago, it may not feel like it for many Colorado residents. Prices of goods and services continue to rise, which results in an increase in monthly bills, despite the fact that a person's income may not be rising to offset the increase in expenses.

Do you have questions about bankruptcy? We have the answers.

Anytime Colorado residents encounter new and unfamiliar situations, it is natural to have a lot of questions. After all, the only way to learn about something new is through gaining the necessary information that can only come through experience or learning from others.

Leveling the playing field with creditors through bankruptcy

When a boat starts to leak, the first step to fixing the problem is to plug the leak, before bailing out the water that has accumulated. Otherwise, no matter how hard a person tries to get rid of it, the water will keep filling the boat if the initial problem is not addressed.

Beware of paying off debt with retirement savings

Many Colorado residents spend years building up their retirement savings. Whether they have a 401(k) or other retirement plan, Colorado residents understand the value of these investments and how important it is to contribute to the plans over time to build retirement savings.

Paying back debt that would be discharged in bankruptcy

Financial challenges can take a toll on a person after several stressful months and years of dealing with debt. Once individuals are able to discharge that debt through bankruptcy, most are happy to move on with a fresh start in their life and a second chance at financial success.

Upcoming graduates await start of student loan payments

Another school year is coming to a close for Colorado-area residents, with another full class of graduates ready to enter the workforce. While it can be an exciting prospect to finally start receiving a paycheck for those graduates who have obtained employment, it can also be a period of uneasiness and concern when the student loan bills come due shortly after graduation.