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NFL quarterback nearing end of bankruptcy, $18 million debt

Whenever a Colorado resident is about to undertake a major project, it can seem like a lot of time and work lies ahead. While some revel in this challenge, others may be intimidated by the process, and hesitant to proceed.

Colorado nonprofit files for bankruptcy after wildfires

Unexpected events happen all of the time to Colorado residents. In some instances, it is possible to prepare and plan for certain events, in order to protect one's self in the event something occurs. In other cases, however, the event can surprise a person or may simply be too drastic to overcome, no matter how much preparation was done beforehand.

The true process of becoming debt free for Colorado residents

When serious financial problems arise for Colorado residents, there is often not one easy solution to get them out of the situation. After all, financial problems can take years to develop in some cases; as a result, it is unrealistic to expect a simple overnight answer to the problem.

Making an argument to discharge student loan debt in bankruptcy

College students around Colorado are prepping for another year of school. With the new school year ahead, most students are also busy taking out loans and financial aid in order to pay for tuition, room and board and other expenses.

Discharging medical bills in bankruptcy

When a Colorado resident must undergo a medical procedure or be admitted to the hospital, it can be a frightening and scary experience. Even if it is a simple procedure, individuals often have fear and anxiety over the procedure itself and the possible negative occurrences that could happen. Others might not experience this fear and anxiety, and may be looking forward to treatment in order to cure what has ailed them for some time.

More individuals nearing retirement looking to file bankruptcy

For many Colorado residents, part of the American dream they grew up believing in was finding a good job that would allow them to save enough money to live comfortably during retirement. Unfortunately, this is not becoming a reality for many individuals, who have been forced to work during their retirement in order to deal with the financial challenges burdening them.

Debunking the myths of bankruptcy

There are many myths that can set Colorado residents off course if they do not have personal knowledge about a particular situation. Perhaps nowhere is this truer than with bankruptcy, as individuals have a number of preconceived notions that may not actually be correct, as they often find out once they begin looking at whether to file for bankruptcy.

Colorado residents: Beware of certain debt relief companies

Sometimes, when Colorado residents find themselves facing serious problems, all they need is a little assistance. This is certainly true for those deep in debt, who can use some help from others to be able to obtain debt relief.

Higher income not a guarantee of financial freedom

For many Colorado residents, attaining a job with a higher paying income is considered a way to financial success. Many associate higher incomes with a lack of financial challenges, or at least the type of challenges that are faced by those with a low income.

Getting the help needed to file for bankruptcy

It is often a point of pride for many Colorado residents to be able to do things on their own. Whether it is completing a project around the house, fixing the car or otherwise, individuals enjoy the piece of mind of knowing they can solve problems on their own, as well as the added savings in not having to pay someone else to address the problem.