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Ending the vicious cycle of credit card debt through bankruptcy

Unexpected events happen all the time for Colorado residents. Whether it is a medical emergency or something more mundane like car problems that must be brought in to the shop to fix, individuals are constantly confronted with incidents that demand their time, and money.

Colorado residents: be aware of your rights with debt collectors

A little bit of decency can go a long way when Colorado residents are doing business with other individuals. Unfortunately, when it comes to some debt collection firms, this decency may be thrown out the window in favor of harsh collection tactics that intimidate and threaten individuals in debt in order to get those individuals' money.

Dealing with credit cards in the wake of the CARD Act

After another summer that has gone by all too quickly, it is back to school season again. College students around Colorado are preparing themselves to head off to school for another year, which, as discussed previously in this blog, can entail a great deal of financial planning in itself.

Addressing the fears of filing for bankruptcy

As many Colorado residents may be aware, bankruptcy can bring wonderful benefits to individuals who find themselves deep in debt. Notwithstanding these benefits, however, many are often fearful of filing for bankruptcy because they worry about what will happen after the case is complete.

Avoid credit card debt in early adulthood

Many Colorado high school students have recently graduated and are now planning fun summers before they head off to college. While some will work to earn money for their higher education tuition payments, others will travel to spend time with family and friends. When the time comes to move out and begin life away from home, many will be caught in a new and sometimes scary world of personal and financial freedom.

Avoid the pitfalls of credit card debt by filing for bankruptcy

When Colorado residents get stuck deep in debt, there are limited options for how to break free from the crippling debt. What's more, some of the options that have the potential to help can actually make matters much worse.

Colorado residents: which accounts are subject to bankruptcy?

Many couples in Colorado have made a habit of combining their financial affairs. From checking accounts to credit cards and more, couples often find it more convenient to combine two financial accounts into one. When it comes to bankruptcy, however, which is an effective way to discharge credit card debt, couples should understand what happens when two or more individuals are named on a single account that is the subject of the bankruptcy.

Finding a way out of credit card debt

As discussed previously in this blog, individuals can find themselves deep in debt seemingly out of nowhere. An unexpected job loss can strike the source of a person's income, leaving them unable to pay their monthly bills. Other times, tragedy can strike when a person has a medical emergency, which can leave the person with massive medical debt they are simply unable to pay.

Holiday season means increased credit card debt for many

With the holiday season fully in swing, many Colorado residents are off to the stores to buy presents for family and friends. While the gifts can be a nice token of appreciation and love, they can also leave a serious dent on a person's finances.

Colorado developer convicted for theft files for Chapter 7

When Colorado residents are down on their luck, sometimes it can seem like they just cannot catch a break. This is particularly true when individuals are struggling with debt, as the bills may seem to stack on top of each other more and more each month.