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How can Chapter7 bankruptcy work for you?

Many Colorado residents work hard to acquire assets and build their lifestyle. Some of these assets, like a home or vehicle, can take years, if not decades, to pay off toward full ownership. Accordingly, given the sacrifices that are made to build up one's wealth over the years, it can be devastating when these assets are at risk of being taken by creditors who are seeking to collect on one's debt.

Which debts are discharged in Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

There are varying reasons Colorado residents get deep in debt. For some, debt may accumulate over a period of time, with monthly payments adding up until they are too much to bear. For others, a sudden incident like a job loss or medical situation can land a person deep in debt with little or no warning.

Colorado company claims it is owed $2.4 million in bankruptcy

A dispute between Colorado residents can be difficult to resolve when each person has a legitimate point of view that needs to be taken into consideration. Matters can become even more complicated when multiple parties are involved in the same dispute, as each party's side needs to be addressed before everyone can walk away happy.

What are the income limits for filing Chapter 7?

When Colorado residents are struggling with debt, it is essential to find effective options for getting rid of the debt and starting from scratch with financial matters. One of the most effective means of eliminating debt is bankruptcy, which can allow a person to discharge their debt and achieve a fresh financial start.

Business in Colorado closes operations after filing for Chapter 7

Small business owners in Colorado understand how crippling it can be to carry large amounts of debt on the books. When businesses have significant debt, it can affect everything from the business's ability to hire more employees, take on new projects or to even remain viable.

Supreme Court decision affects protection of IRAs in bankruptcy

Many Colorado residents spend years trying to build up their retirement savings. It can take decades for IRAs and other retirement accounts to build up enough wealth to accomplish their goal of allowing a person to retire comfortably.

Business owner receives debt discharge of $3.2 million

There are very few things that can bring a family to its knees more than financial struggles. Those Colorado residents who are struggling with debt understand exactly what this means, as the mounting debt can dig a person in a hole that seems nearly impossible to climb out of.

Approaching the bankruptcy decision with care

With another summer approaching, Colorado residents are getting ready for warmer weather once again. It is not all sun and fun for those struggling with financial challenges, however, as they look for ways to deal with overwhelming debt.

Separating individuals from businesses in bankruptcy

As discussed previously in this blog, when Colorado business owners find themselves deep in debt, they need effective solutions to eliminate that debt and start anew. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is one of the most effective options business owners have for eliminating debt, but it can get confusing for business owners how the process works when both the business and the individual need relief.