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New program allows individuals to buy back foreclosed homes

The holiday season is a busy time of the year for many Colorado residents. From buying gifts for others to attending work and family gatherings, it seems there is never a shortage of things to do in a given day. The most important aspect of the season for most, however, is spending time with family and friends, often within the confines of one's home. Unfortunately, this time of togetherness can be threatened by foreclosure if an individual is having trouble making his or her monthly mortgage payments.

Need debt relief but want to keep your assets? Try Chapter 13

As discussed previously in this blog, when Colorado residents get deep into debt, they likely are looking for effective options to get rid of the debt. Many may consider bankruptcy to be the most effective option for solving their debt problems. However, others can be worried about losing their assets during bankruptcy, as a person's assets are often liquidated in order to pay off what debt can be paid. This is particularly true for those individuals who believe they have enough income to pay off some of their debt.

What information must be filed in a Chapter 13 petition?

When financial struggles hit Colorado residents, it can seem like the mounting debt continues to grow by the day. In many cases this is true, as individuals do not have the income necessary to pay off their debt, leading to higher interest payments and even more debt.

Is the marijuana industry covered under bankruptcy law?

Business owners and entrepreneurs in Colorado have seen marijuana as a new market. But what happens when that business fails? Marijuana is just like any other industry in that some will succeed and others will fail. However, when a business in the marijuana industry fails it is not covered under Chapter 13 bankruptcy law.

Foreclosures up recently in one Colorado community

For those facing financial challenges, and may be seeking to reduce debt or stop foreclosure, different legal options are available. A recent report on foreclosures in Colorado found that nearby Colorado Springs was the only community in Colorado that experienced an increase in foreclosures during the first quarter of the year. Although the overall foreclosure picture for the area has improved since the height of the recession several years ago, at least one real estate expert was puzzled by the rise in foreclosures in a report recently released by the Colorado Division of Housing. The reported increase amounted to 6.4 percent over last year's first quarter.

Confronting new financial issues after Chapter 13 bankruptcy

When Colorado residents hit obstacles in their life, many are able to confront the challenges they face and move on. Of course, in order to move on, individuals cannot be bogged down with baggage left over from the challenge they just overcame.

Walking through the steps of a Chapter 13 case

Any Colorado resident who has had to deal with a lot of debt knows the toll it can take on a person. From worrying about making monthly payments to being threatened by collection agencies, it seems there is no stop to the troubles of being deep in debt.

Foreclosure threat still present for many, despite lower filings

The last several years have been trying ones for many Colorado residents who are facing severe financial problems in the buildup and wake of the great recession. While the stock market and other economic indicators may have rebounded well, the same is not true for many individuals, who are still grappling to overcome the difficulties that have plagued them because of the recession.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy: paying of debt in a different kind of way

Many Colorado business owners understand the importance of making sound business decisions. These decisions can sometimes be very difficult to make, especially on an emotional level, but they make the most financial sense. The same is true in a person's individual life, as a decision that, while emotionally tough, may be the best decision from a financial standpoint.