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What happens to debt after a divorce?

Divorce is stressful enough without any additional worries to contend with. If either you or your ex has considerable debt, though, you will face the dilemma of determining how to handle this. Marriage is not just a union of two lives—it is also typically a union of finances. Separating finances and debt is a tricky issue that you should address carefully with help from a legal professional.

What are my options to stop wage garnishment?

Having your wages garnished can turn out to be a nasty and stressful "surprise." You are likely already struggling with bills and debts, and now you are losing a significant portion of your income. The net effect can be that you no longer have all the money necessary for mortgage payments, food and other essentials.

Debunking 4 common divorce myths

There are numerous myths out there about divorce. One of the most common is that half of all marriages end in divorce. This has been around in some form for several decades. In actuality, the divorce rate has decreased throughout the United States and hit a new low in 2016. 

Why you should be careful using social media during a divorce

Social media permeates every aspect of our lives these days. It is no wonder that it has a real effect on marriage and divorce. If you are prone to sharing your thoughts and daily life on social media, you might want to be careful as you get divorced.

What divorcing couples need to know about mediation

You may have heard about divorce and parenting mediation in Colorado. This is a cooperative process that can serve as an alternative or as a complement to litigation. While, technically, Colorado law does not require mediation for divorcing couples, as a practical matter, many judges will order mediation at some point during litigation so that the parties can resolve certain disputes. Couples may also choose to start with mediation rather than filing a contested divorce in court right away.


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