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The importance of a detailed parenting plan in Colorado

On Behalf of | Jun 10, 2022 | Child Custody, Family Law | 0 comments

Creating and implementing a parenting and visitation schedule after separation or divorce in Colorado is understandably a sensitive subject. This is because you are basically deciding how much time a parent can have with their child and perhaps what style you should adopt to raise them and who gets to make the decisions concerning your child. Regardless of how complex it may seem, you need to make a successful one for the following reasons.

It lays out the expectations and roles of each parent

In Colorado, a parenting plan is a legal document outlining how you should take care of your children after your divorce. According to the family law, parents have an obligation to adhere to it just as they do with child support or custody. A solid parenting plan makes things a little easier for parents during tough and sometimes chaotic moments after divorce. You know what’s expected of you, so you can plan your life around that to make things work for your children.

It can help minimize conflicts with your ex

A parenting plan gives you a chance to work out all the major issues concerning your child’s welfare ahead of time. If the plan accommodates both your unique lifestyles and you adhere to it as needed, you can significantly reduce the chances of arguments about visitation and other issues concerning your child.

It provides the stability that your children need after divorce

Setting visitation times and locations gives your kids something to look forward to and helps them feel more secure after your divorce. They know when they will see their other parent and what will happen during that time. This can help cope with your separation, as studies have shown that kids sometimes are the most affected by divorce.

Making a parenting plan is not always easy, but it is worth the effort. If you take the time to create a solid plan, it can make a world of difference for both you and your children. Colorado courts will usually approve of any reasonable parenting plan you make so long as it is in your child’s best interests. But remember that a solid plan may not be successful if you fail to follow its terms.

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