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The top 5 causes of divorce

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2021 | Divorce | 0 comments

Over the past year, divorces in Colorado and around the nation began to spike once again. Although much of that was attributed to the ongoing pandemic, experts state that it was only the breaking point and not the actual reason for couples deciding to dissolve their marriages. So then what’s the answer? Read on to learn the five top causes of divorce.

5. Lack of premarital education

The harsh reality is that not everyone should get married. However, most individuals’ family members and religious leaders are not going to tell them that. So how can this issue be addressed? Attorneys often attribute this issue to couples not having enough premarital education. Most states offer premarital education programs for couples who want to obtain a marriage license. However, many people who are getting divorced often state that these programs don’t go far enough to discuss the various emotional stages of a marriage.

4. Infidelity

In today’s digital world, being able to cheat on a partner is way too easy. For those who may not have the internal strength to not give in to temptation, this is often the main issue that causes their divorce. For others, it is simply the probability that their partners may be cheating that places them in such a stressful situation that divorce is the only way out.

3. Lack of commitment

The fact is that for many people, marriage is simply a step that they must take to become adults even if they aren’t ready. This can lead to a series of issues, such as one partner showing little to no commitment towards the other. This can leave a wife or husband feeling alone in the marriage.

2. Substance abuse

Unfortunately, substance abuse is one of the leading factors that compel people to get a divorce. Individuals who have been surveyed after divorcing for this reason have stated that the last straw was coming to terms that it was always going to be them against their partners and the disease.

1. Financial difficulties

It is no surprise why financial difficulties rank as one of, or even the main, cause of divorce. Financial turmoil will affect a couple’s living situation and create intense stress within the home. That buildup of stress and financial woes will often then lead to fights and, eventually, divorce.

As you can see from the information above, many factors contribute to people filing for divorce. However, no matter the reason, it is important that your first step is to consult with a family law attorney as a means of protecting yourself as you proceed with the rest of the divorce process.

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