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Teen angst: When teens get caught up in divorce

On Behalf of | May 24, 2019 | Family Law |

Teens are going through fragile years in their lives. Disruptions can seem like the end of the world, even if nothing really changes. Teens are among the most difficult people to talk to during divorces, too. Though they understand what’s happening, they also may have the independence to stay away from home, participating in more school events or staying overnight with friends.

As a parent, it’s important to monitor your teen for changes in their behavior after you tell them that you’re getting a divorce. Your teen may be fine with the divorce and have no major concerns, or they may feel that everything they know is changing. It’s your job, as a parent, to make sure you know how your teen feels and to guide them through the changes in a healthy manner.

What should you do if your teen is struggling with divorce?

If your teen is struggling with the divorce, you may want to consider contacting a therapist. Professionals are a third party, which may make it easier for your teen to talk to them. If you’re not comfortable with reaching out to a mental health professional, consider reaching out to your ex-spouse to talk about how you can help your child. If you can, both of you should sit down and help your child understand that the changes that are affecting them now will become easier to live with and that you’re both there to help.

Teens may be more difficult to talk to, but if you are persistent, your teen will adjust to your divorce and the new family dynamic.

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