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Is a post-divorce modification easy to get approved?

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2019 | Family Law |

After a divorce, one of the things you may have to deal with is a post-divorce modification. This modification might be used to help change custody or to ask for a different portion of assets. Each modification is unique, so your attorney will need to review a requested modification or help you produce the documents you need for a modification of your own.

Appeals and motions to modify the divorce decree are most common immediately after the divorce, but they can happen many years later in some instances. There are some aspects of the divorce that are less likely to be overturned or changed, and there are some that are more likely to be modified upon request. For example, if a judge rules on how you should divide your property, the likelihood of having that ruling overturned or modified is relatively low. However, if the judge ordered a certain parenting plan and you have legitimate reasons to ask for a modification of your divorce orders, then your child custody order is more likely to be changed to address your future needs.

The appeals process is time intensive and can sometimes be a futile effort. That’s why most people will work closely with their attorneys to determine if an appeal of a divorce decree or a modification is likely if they appeal to the court for changes.

Our website has more on appeals and modifications. Many people have modifications they’d like to see, and you deserve to have your case heard when you have a legitimate request to ask of the court.

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