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Don't let high-conflict relationships hurt your children

You and your ex-spouse never got along well, but it's come to a point where you both know that you have to change or risk harming your relationship with your child. You are involved in a high-conflict relationship when it comes to your child, but there is help.

Fighting parental alienation

Few divorced parents get along all the time. However, it can be a challenge for some single parents in Colorado to ever see eye to eye, especially when one parent does all he or she can to make the other one look bad. The problem can go as far as one parent trying to drive a wedge between the other one and the children.

Don't let bankruptcy's reputation scare you away

Bankruptcy is sometimes something people need to help them get their finances back in order. Unfortunately, bankruptcy has a bad reputation. It's seen as the ultimate sign that a person was bad with money. The reality is that many people end up struggling as a result of injuries, the loss of jobs or unexpected debt. Many times, a person's ability to be "good with money" has nothing to do with the bankruptcy at all.

What happens if you forgot to list a debt in bankruptcy?

If you need to seek bankruptcy, the chances are that you're struggling with overwhelming debt or a lack of income. It's possible to get the majority of the debt discharged in most cases. For example, if your debts are all medical or on credit cards, there's a high likelihood that you can have it discharged through a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. If you earn too much for Chapter 7, you can opt to go through Chapter 13 bankruptcy instead and make monthly payments to satisfy lenders.

Get to know your rights when you are unmarried with a child

When you and your child's parent are not married, it can make life a little more difficult. The father of the child likely has to pay child support, and you have to designate visitation times and custody arrangements. In reality, it's similar to how people who go through a divorce have to raise their children, but they have the divorce to worry about at the same time.


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