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You can minimize the effect bankruptcy has on a job search

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Our attorneys sympathize with all Lakewood area residents who are struggling with debt. Personal bankruptcy is an effective way of overcoming debt and it comes with other benefits such as getting a fresh financial start and putting a stop to creditor harassment.

Unfortunately, all good things come with at least a few downsides. While it should not be the case, having a bankruptcy on your record may interfere with your efforts to start a new career or find a job with enough income to support your family.

For the record, it is illegal for a potential employer to deny you a job solely because you have a bankruptcy on your record. Sadly, many business owners or human resource managers do so anyway. From a working person’s perspective, you have a couple of choices when you believe your bankruptcy caused you to lose a job opportunity. You can walk away and look for another job, or you can try to take some form of legal action against the employer.

We would agree that the latter choice is time-consuming and may be difficult to prove. Still, the problem of getting a job with personal bankruptcy on your record continues to exist. Here are a few tips our bankruptcy lawyers recommend when looking for a job.

  • Be forthcoming about your bankruptcy and credit record upfront if you feel comfortable doing so
  • Explain to a potential boss how you are now working diligently to improve your situation
  • Put together a list of people (former employers, coworkers, friends, etc.) who are willing to give you a good recommendation

If you are denied a job due to bankruptcy and you decide to do something about it, it is wise to find a lawyer that can protect your rights throughout the process. This approach has the added advantage of providing you with a legal professional to advise you about each step.

Do not let this blog post deter you from taking the necessary steps to repair your debt problems. In most cases, a personal bankruptcy will have no effect on your ability to find gainful and rewarding employment going forward. Explore our professional web pages to learn more about debt and bankruptcy in Colorado.

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