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Understanding the misconceptions about uncontested divorce

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You may feel overwhelmed and confused after deciding to file for divorce. You know that there is no saving your marriage, but how do you proceed? Must you fight with your spouse in court, or do you have other options? You and other Colorado residents can benefit by learning about uncontested divorce.

An uncontested divorce is a way to end your marriage without a lengthy and costly court battle, but there are some misconceptions to clear up.

False: You have few other options than court to end your marriage

You do not always have to go to court. You and your spouse may choose mediation or collaborative law, two of the common ways to amicably end a marriage. You may also agree over the terms of your divorce with your attorneys.

False: An uncontested divorce is an exception, rather than the norm

Uncontested divorce is becoming more popular these days because it usually takes less time and is more cost-effective than traditional litigation, and it can also reduce conflict. Mediation and collaborative law also allow you to keep your divorce details private.

False: Uncontested divorce is the best choice for everyone

While uncontested options have numerous benefits, they are most effective for spouses who can treat each other civilly and are willing to communicate and compromise. If domestic violence or substance abuse were factors in your marriage, you may be better served by taking your dispute to court. It can also be difficult to make an uncontested divorce work if your spouse uses a financial advantage over you, does not want to get divorced or tries to manipulate and intimidate you.

Like every marriage, divorce is a personal and unique situation. You will need to educate yourself on your options and weigh this knowledge with the circumstances of your marriage.

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