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Surprising reasons why you should sign a prenup

On Behalf of | Nov 15, 2018 | Family Law |

It’s still common for people to get married without signing a prenuptial agreement even after hearing all the horror stories that come with every divorce in the Lakewood area. A prenuptial agreement can wind up saving you thousands of dollars and quite a lot of stress. Let’s take a look at some surprising reasons why you should sign a prenup.

Student loans are frightening, but you shouldn’t be too worried about them if your future spouse is bringing them into the marriage. You won’t take on this debt in marriage, but what if you want to help pay them down while married? You can write into a prenup that you want to be compensated for the amount of the student loans you helped pay while married.

Are you thinking about freezing your sperm or your eggs in marriage? If so, you should really explore a prenuptial agreement. The agreement can explain what will happen to those frozen items should you wind up getting a divorce. Will they be separate or marital property? Hash it out in the prenup.

If there is a pet in your relationship prior to marriage, it’s a good idea to write a prenup that explains how custody of the pet will be handled if you were to get divorced. The discussion over the custody of a pet can be just as contentious as custody of the children.

If either one of you has interest in a business, such as owning a small business, you need to write a prenuptial agreement to protect that interest. Or, if one spouse decides to help with the business during the marriage, they might want to be compensated in divorce.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why you should sign a prenuptial agreement before exchanging vows. The time it takes to put together a prenup could wind up saving you money, property and your sanity down the road.

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