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Main reasons both men and women file for divorce

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If you are contemplating a divorce, the reasons for filing can differ between men and woman. You can also find a difference when it comes to which sex files for divorce more. Research has found that women tend to file for divorce more than men. But what are the main reasons both men and women will file for divorce? If you immediately thought money was one of the biggest reasons for divorce, you may be surprised it is not even on the list for either men or women. 

Why men file for divorce

Have grown apart – About 1 in 10 men said they and their spouse are just not the combined unit they used to be. This can happen easily when someone marries young and then with age comes new opportunities and lifestyles that may not be shared with a partner. Once a married couple begins to do things on their own, there can be a loss of interest in the relationship.

Use of alcohol or drugs – Addiction to drugs and/or alcohol by either spouse can be an easy recipe for trouble. Divorce will most likely be imminent once one partner believes an addiction will continue and cause a major disruption to home life.

Communication breakdown – Whether it is not wanting to mention something or just not having anything to talk about anymore, 13 percent of men do find communication problems to be a strain on the marriage.

Incompatibility – This usually encompasses a broad spectrum of unhappiness for men, as 1 in 5 men said this is why they filed for divorce.

Infidelity – Cheating on a spouse has long been one of the main reasons couples choose to break-up. Many times, infidelity is indicative of many other problems in the marriage which is likely why over 15 percent of men believe it is a deal breaker.

So how are women different in their reasons for filing for divorce? It seems that the same reasons listed above for men are also high up on the list for women, except for these additional reasons:

  • Personality differences
  • Physical or mental abuse
  • Not in love anymore
  • Spouse not involved with family obligations
  • Employment struggles 

No matter the reason for a divorce, it can be a stressful and emotional time for both men and women. If you are struggling with any of the reasons listed above it may be a good idea to seek the support of family and friends.

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