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Developing an abundance mindset after bankruptcy

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Undoubtedly, filing for bankruptcy can cause serious mental and emotional damage to your self-worth. It is not easy to admit that you need legal and professional help in managing the crushing weight of debts you carry. The walls of your life may feel as though they are closing in all around you.

By admitting your need for help, you are silencing your ego, whose only interest is keeping up appearances. The ego will drown you in denial and ultimately keep you locked away from freedom. Conversely, speaking the truth sets you free from ego’s trap and allows you the ability to begin rebuilding your finances.

Poverty (lack) mindset

The poverty mindset is the belief that resources are scarce. Your reality of bankruptcy can mirror your belief about lack and hopelessness. Viewing your life as never having enough and always feeling hopeless perpetuates the reality of scarcity and lack in your life.

In other words, it starts in your mind and taints the world around you. Bankruptcy is a wake-up call for many people. You may choose to wake up and see that there is help, resources, support, and a totally different way of approaching your life.

Abundance is everywhere

Making the switch to a new viewpoint on your life and finances starts by stopping the recording of limiting beliefs in the poverty mindset. Begin reprogramming your mind to all the wealth of opportunities available to grow and succeed.

You do this by internalizing a limitless abundance in your belief system, your ability to overcome obstacles and your worthiness to have what you want.

Here are some aspects associated with developing an abundance mindset after bankruptcy:

  • Awareness
  • Gratitude
  • Imagination and creative solutions
  • Education on finances

The good news is that you are not alone on your journey, and there is hope for a better future. Taking responsibility through legal and professional counsel is a brave step in the right direction. Along with developing a new mindset, comes a positive outlook that takes you out of depression and into the limitless possibilities that truly do surround you.

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