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You can’t go wrong with a well-thought out parenting agreement

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Once you realize that divorce is imminent, you’ll want to turn your attention to the future. This means many things, such as a focus on the well-being of your child or children.

Even though things are sure to change for you, the other parent and your child, don’t overlook the many steps you can take to maintain some level of stability.

A well-thought out parenting agreement can go a long way in keeping both parents on the right track, while also giving your child everything he or she needs to remain happy and healthy during this difficult time.

A parenting agreement can include a variety of details, with the following among the most important:

  • A clear idea of where the child will live, known as physical custody
  • An idea of if one or both parents will have legal custody of the child
  • A set visitation schedule for the noncustodial parent
  • A schedule that dictates where the child will spend holidays, vacations, birthdays and any other important events
  • A system for dealing with changes and disputes in the future

You don’t have to stop here, but these are the types of details you should think about including in your parenting agreement.

Once you work out the details with the other parent, there’s only one thing left: the approval of the court.

At that point, you have a parenting agreement you can rely on well into the future. And of course, if you need to make any changes, you can always take the necessary steps to do so down the road.

Source: FindLaw, “The Parenting Agreement,” accessed May 02, 2018

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