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For a divorce, make sure your Facebook account is in order

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Divorces are often emotional times. Even when the couple is splitting on good terms, they often mourn the loss of what could have been. Unfortunately, even the most amicable splits can turn ugly, depending on what happens on social media.

Here is an example. Say that you and your spouse are divorcing, and you go to a party with your children. Someone from the party gets huggy with you and tags you in the Facebook pictures he or she posts. You also post pictures from the party of your kids being around people drinking from beer cans. The flirtatiousness and the alcohol could have your spouse seeing red. Likewise, you might be short on funds, so how to explain the shiny new car you are driving in a Facebook post? Here are some ways to ensure your Facebook “house” is in order.

Get on the same page as your spouse

That is, try to hash out with your spouse how the two of you will announce the split and divorce. A joint statement? Maybe even a selfie? If the two of you can decide this issue together, that is great.

Likewise, refrain from saying negative things about your spouse on Facebook. Similarly, do not post pictures or make statements that make it seem like you are dating anyone, and hopefully, your spouse will reciprocate. Your attorney may have advised you to unfriend your spouse and anyone who may have malicious intentions toward you, but you never know who might screenshot something possibly negative. It is wise to put your best behavior forth on social media.

Go through old posts

Are there old posts or pictures that portray you as a risky person? For instance, might someone use a five-year-old picture of you boozing against you in child custody proceedings? Clean up your social media accounts so that nothing untoward is available.

There are many other considerations that go into social media and how to communicate with and about your spouse during a divorce. An attorney can help you navigate the process.

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