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November 2014 Archives

Do I need to pay a fee to file for bankruptcy?

While the economy has rebounded in many ways from where it was years ago, it may not feel like it for many Colorado residents. Prices of goods and services continue to rise, which results in an increase in monthly bills, despite the fact that a person's income may not be rising to offset the increase in expenses.

Need debt relief but want to keep your assets? Try Chapter 13

As discussed previously in this blog, when Colorado residents get deep into debt, they likely are looking for effective options to get rid of the debt. Many may consider bankruptcy to be the most effective option for solving their debt problems. However, others can be worried about losing their assets during bankruptcy, as a person's assets are often liquidated in order to pay off what debt can be paid. This is particularly true for those individuals who believe they have enough income to pay off some of their debt.

Ending the vicious cycle of credit card debt through bankruptcy

Unexpected events happen all the time for Colorado residents. Whether it is a medical emergency or something more mundane like car problems that must be brought in to the shop to fix, individuals are constantly confronted with incidents that demand their time, and money.

Colorado residents: be aware of your rights with debt collectors

A little bit of decency can go a long way when Colorado residents are doing business with other individuals. Unfortunately, when it comes to some debt collection firms, this decency may be thrown out the window in favor of harsh collection tactics that intimidate and threaten individuals in debt in order to get those individuals' money.