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October 2014 Archives

Colorado nonprofit files for bankruptcy after wildfires

Unexpected events happen all of the time to Colorado residents. In some instances, it is possible to prepare and plan for certain events, in order to protect one's self in the event something occurs. In other cases, however, the event can surprise a person or may simply be too drastic to overcome, no matter how much preparation was done beforehand.

Do you have questions about bankruptcy? We have the answers.

Anytime Colorado residents encounter new and unfamiliar situations, it is natural to have a lot of questions. After all, the only way to learn about something new is through gaining the necessary information that can only come through experience or learning from others.

Leveling the playing field with creditors through bankruptcy

When a boat starts to leak, the first step to fixing the problem is to plug the leak, before bailing out the water that has accumulated. Otherwise, no matter how hard a person tries to get rid of it, the water will keep filling the boat if the initial problem is not addressed.

What information must be filed in a Chapter 13 petition?

When financial struggles hit Colorado residents, it can seem like the mounting debt continues to grow by the day. In many cases this is true, as individuals do not have the income necessary to pay off their debt, leading to higher interest payments and even more debt.