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Colorado company claims it is owed $2.4 million in bankruptcy

A dispute between Colorado residents can be difficult to resolve when each person has a legitimate point of view that needs to be taken into consideration. Matters can become even more complicated when multiple parties are involved in the same dispute, as each party's side needs to be addressed before everyone can walk away happy.

When it comes to bankruptcy proceedings, there are often disputes involving multiple parties. For instance, while one individual or company may be the debtor who is filing for bankruptcy, there can be many creditors who are trying to stake a claim to the debtor's assets based upon debts that are owed.

This was the case recently with a Chapter 7 bankruptcy proceeding involving a hospital that has debts of between $500,000 and $1 million. The hospital recently closed after it struggled to keep up its patient volume.

One key issue in the case involves a dispute over insurance money that is available after a fire damaged the hospital. The Colorado company Servpro is claiming it is owed $2.4 million as a result of its work cleaning up and performing repairs after the fire. Other companies are also attempting to obtain the money for services they performed related to the fire.

The case illustrates how difficult issues can arise within the liquidation process of a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Creditors want to be paid the money they are owed, and therefore they may vigorously assert claims to the money that is available, whether from the debtor or others, such as the insurance proceeds above.

Debtors may not be directly affected by all of these disputes, in that their debt will be discharged and they may need to have the same amount of assets liquidated regardless of which creditor actually obtains the proceeds. However, it is important to understand the process for resolving these claims and how the court will handle matters procedurally before a debtor obtains a debt discharge.

Source: Arkansas Business, "Crittenden Regional Hospital Files Chapter 7 Bankruptcy," Mark Friedman, Sept. 17, 2014

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