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September 2014 Archives

Colorado company claims it is owed $2.4 million in bankruptcy

A dispute between Colorado residents can be difficult to resolve when each person has a legitimate point of view that needs to be taken into consideration. Matters can become even more complicated when multiple parties are involved in the same dispute, as each party's side needs to be addressed before everyone can walk away happy.

The true process of becoming debt free for Colorado residents

When serious financial problems arise for Colorado residents, there is often not one easy solution to get them out of the situation. After all, financial problems can take years to develop in some cases; as a result, it is unrealistic to expect a simple overnight answer to the problem.

What are the income limits for filing Chapter 7?

When Colorado residents are struggling with debt, it is essential to find effective options for getting rid of the debt and starting from scratch with financial matters. One of the most effective means of eliminating debt is bankruptcy, which can allow a person to discharge their debt and achieve a fresh financial start.