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June 2014 Archives

Discharging medical bills in bankruptcy

When a Colorado resident must undergo a medical procedure or be admitted to the hospital, it can be a frightening and scary experience. Even if it is a simple procedure, individuals often have fear and anxiety over the procedure itself and the possible negative occurrences that could happen. Others might not experience this fear and anxiety, and may be looking forward to treatment in order to cure what has ailed them for some time.

Supreme Court decision affects protection of IRAs in bankruptcy

Many Colorado residents spend years trying to build up their retirement savings. It can take decades for IRAs and other retirement accounts to build up enough wealth to accomplish their goal of allowing a person to retire comfortably.

Business owner receives debt discharge of $3.2 million

There are very few things that can bring a family to its knees more than financial struggles. Those Colorado residents who are struggling with debt understand exactly what this means, as the mounting debt can dig a person in a hole that seems nearly impossible to climb out of.

Foreclosures up recently in one Colorado community

For those facing financial challenges, and may be seeking to reduce debt or stop foreclosure, different legal options are available. A recent report on foreclosures in Colorado found that nearby Colorado Springs was the only community in Colorado that experienced an increase in foreclosures during the first quarter of the year. Although the overall foreclosure picture for the area has improved since the height of the recession several years ago, at least one real estate expert was puzzled by the rise in foreclosures in a report recently released by the Colorado Division of Housing. The reported increase amounted to 6.4 percent over last year's first quarter.