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May 2014 Archives

Avoid credit card debt in early adulthood

Many Colorado high school students have recently graduated and are now planning fun summers before they head off to college. While some will work to earn money for their higher education tuition payments, others will travel to spend time with family and friends. When the time comes to move out and begin life away from home, many will be caught in a new and sometimes scary world of personal and financial freedom.

Paying back debt that would be discharged in bankruptcy

Financial challenges can take a toll on a person after several stressful months and years of dealing with debt. Once individuals are able to discharge that debt through bankruptcy, most are happy to move on with a fresh start in their life and a second chance at financial success.

Approaching the bankruptcy decision with care

With another summer approaching, Colorado residents are getting ready for warmer weather once again. It is not all sun and fun for those struggling with financial challenges, however, as they look for ways to deal with overwhelming debt.

Confronting new financial issues after Chapter 13 bankruptcy

When Colorado residents hit obstacles in their life, many are able to confront the challenges they face and move on. Of course, in order to move on, individuals cannot be bogged down with baggage left over from the challenge they just overcame.