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March 2014 Archives

Colorado bill may change foreclosures on certain borrowers

What can seem like a great deal for a person on one day can quickly turn into a difficult situation the next. This is true for many Colorado homeowners who entered mortgage agreements thinking they were buying a home that would serve them for years only to later encounter significant difficulties in making payments under that mortgage.

Walking through the steps of a Chapter 13 case

Any Colorado resident who has had to deal with a lot of debt knows the toll it can take on a person. From worrying about making monthly payments to being threatened by collection agencies, it seems there is no stop to the troubles of being deep in debt.

Determining whether to file for bankruptcy: What not to consider

Colorado residents deep in debt may find themselves stuck between a rock and a hard place. With monthly payments mounting up and a limited income to meet those payments, it can seem impossible to find a way out of debt.

Separating individuals from businesses in bankruptcy

As discussed previously in this blog, when Colorado business owners find themselves deep in debt, they need effective solutions to eliminate that debt and start anew. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is one of the most effective options business owners have for eliminating debt, but it can get confusing for business owners how the process works when both the business and the individual need relief.