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February 2014 Archives

Business owners file for Chapter 7

Colorado business owners understand the cost of business often require taking out loans from others. While this debt is an ordinary course of doing business, the debt can cripple the business when unexpected changes put pressure on the business's revenues.

Young former Nickelodeon actor files for Chapter 7

As previous posts here have noted, financial challenges can affect Colorado residents from all walks of life. No matter what a person's age, gender, race or even wealth status, individuals who are facing overwhelming debt may find it necessary to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Colorado residents: Beware of certain debt relief companies

Sometimes, when Colorado residents find themselves facing serious problems, all they need is a little assistance. This is certainly true for those deep in debt, who can use some help from others to be able to obtain debt relief.

Knowing when to file for bankruptcy

Credit cards, personal loans and other forms of debt can be a great tool for Colorado residents to use to purchase certain items they would otherwise be unable to buy. However, if these bills and loans are not paid off, debt can add up quickly, with each month stacking on top of the last and interest payments overtaking the principal balance.