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January 2014 Archives

Finding a way out of credit card debt

As discussed previously in this blog, individuals can find themselves deep in debt seemingly out of nowhere. An unexpected job loss can strike the source of a person's income, leaving them unable to pay their monthly bills. Other times, tragedy can strike when a person has a medical emergency, which can leave the person with massive medical debt they are simply unable to pay.

Foreclosure threat still present for many, despite lower filings

The last several years have been trying ones for many Colorado residents who are facing severe financial problems in the buildup and wake of the great recession. While the stock market and other economic indicators may have rebounded well, the same is not true for many individuals, who are still grappling to overcome the difficulties that have plagued them because of the recession.

Experts predict rise in bankruptcies in 2014

Many Colorado residents are thankful to have their job, even if some might not particularly enjoy what they do on a daily basis. The steady stream of income is vital for the person to pay monthly bills and earn a living. Accordingly, the thought of losing a job can be frightening, as the individual would undoubtedly struggle to make payments after the loss of income.

Higher income not a guarantee of financial freedom

For many Colorado residents, attaining a job with a higher paying income is considered a way to financial success. Many associate higher incomes with a lack of financial challenges, or at least the type of challenges that are faced by those with a low income.