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December 2013 Archives

Creditors object to man's bankruptcy after they lose vehicles

In order to get a difficult task taken care of, Colorado residents understand that it takes time. There is often a process that must be followed, during which smaller tasks are completed along the way to the larger goal. This is certainly true in Chapter 7 bankruptcy, which allows a person to obtain the difficult task of debt relief, but only after the person follows a certain process set out in the bankruptcy laws.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy: paying of debt in a different kind of way

Many Colorado business owners understand the importance of making sound business decisions. These decisions can sometimes be very difficult to make, especially on an emotional level, but they make the most financial sense. The same is true in a person's individual life, as a decision that, while emotionally tough, may be the best decision from a financial standpoint.

What counts as income for Chapter 13 bankruptcy?

Many Colorado residents would love to see a bump in their income. With the monthly mortgage bill, credit card bills and other obligations, it often seems as if there is never enough money to pay off all of the expenses a person may have.

Holiday season means increased credit card debt for many

With the holiday season fully in swing, many Colorado residents are off to the stores to buy presents for family and friends. While the gifts can be a nice token of appreciation and love, they can also leave a serious dent on a person's finances.

Pop star files for Chapter 7 bankruptcy after hits dry up

Colorado pop music fans may remember Aaron Carter. The younger brother of one of the Backstreet Boys, Carter was a teen heartthrob at the turn of the millennium, with several hit singles behind him before he was old enough to legally drive. Since then however, personal and professional setbacks have interfered with his music career. Recently, he filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection in an effort to put his financial problems behind him.