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November 2013 Archives

Getting the help needed to file for bankruptcy

It is often a point of pride for many Colorado residents to be able to do things on their own. Whether it is completing a project around the house, fixing the car or otherwise, individuals enjoy the piece of mind of knowing they can solve problems on their own, as well as the added savings in not having to pay someone else to address the problem.

Snow removal company files for Chapter 7

When Colorado residents enter into agreements with each other, they typically expect that the other person will perform his or her end of the bargain. While this may usually be the case, there may be special circumstances that arise from time to time that make it impossible for a person to fulfill a previous agreement. For example, when one party suffers from unexpected financial setbacks, they may find it nearly impossible to perform on a contract that was previously entered into.

Colorado homeowners finding ways to avoid foreclosure

When Colorado residents are facing financial challenges, sometimes it helps to talk things out with other people. This includes discussing the challenges with family and friends, as well as meeting with professionals who can help advise the person as to the best route to help solve those challenges.