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October 2013 Archives

Colorado developer convicted for theft files for Chapter 7

When Colorado residents are down on their luck, sometimes it can seem like they just cannot catch a break. This is particularly true when individuals are struggling with debt, as the bills may seem to stack on top of each other more and more each month.

Medical credit cards pose new threat to individuals

One of the leading contributors to bankruptcy for many Colorado residents is medical debt. Another large contributor to individuals' financial challenges is credit card debt, which can quickly overtake a person's personal finances. Even more troubling is the news that a new system is now combining medical debt and credit card bills; this combination may pose a big threat to those with financial vulnerabilities.

68-year-old family-owned business files for Chapter 7

Colorado business owners do their best to make their business thrive, even in the face of tough economic conditions. When tough economic times hit, however, it can be difficult for even the best business owners to keep making a profit. This can make for some stressful times for the business owner, particularly when the business is family-owned.

Filing for bankruptcy may save the family home

When Colorado residents start to see their pile of unpaid bills growing larger by the day, it can be frightening to think of what might happen if they cannot afford to pay them. Once debt collectors start calling and sending letters, the level of fear can increase. Fortunately, Coloradoans have some recourse against these debt collectors by filing for bankruptcy.

Famed rapper files for Chapter 7 with $50 in hand

When Colorado residents become deep in personal debt, often, they do not care what type of debt it is. Indeed, when the bills are mounting up, it makes little difference to the person what the bill is for, being as though it must be paid. In these circumstances, Chapter 7 bankruptcy may be an option.