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August 2013 Archives

Valuing a home in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy proceeding

When Colorado residents are struggling with personal debt, they may fear what will happen to their assets. This fear may lead many to hesitate when considering filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy due to their belief that they may lose all of their assets.

Previous bankruptcy filing may impact current filing

On occasion, it can seem like some Colorado residents have all the good luck. On the other hand, others seem to continually run out of luck, despite their best efforts. This is particularly true when it comes to finances, as even the best-intentioned of individuals can struggle to make it by.

Business files for Chapter 7 shortly after concert canceled

Many Colorado business owners are successful because of their optimism, which allows them to see opportunities, even in negative situations, and take advantage of market conditions. While this ability leads many business owners to achieve great success, it can also lead the same business owners to struggle with debt.

Councilman files for Chapter 13 to save home

Many Colorado residents have preconceived notions when they hear certain words, whether they realize it or not. For example, when individuals hear the word bankruptcy, they may conjure up thoughts of less fortunate individuals who have no money or assets.