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July 2013 Archives

Company sees its bankruptcy case converted to Chapter 7

When Colorado residents are facing overwhelming debt, they want to find a solution that will give them the best possible debt relief in the shortest time. One popular option for accomplishing this is to file for personal bankruptcy.

Debt collection company fined $3.2 million for unfair practices

As discussed previously in this blog, when Colorado residents are facing tough financial challenges, it can be intimidating and scary. Adding to this intimidation are the actions of debt collectors, who can be difficult to deal with at best, and downright scary or unlawful at worst.

Debtors keep some assets in bankruptcy, even if not exempt

For Colorado residents struggling with debt, it can be scary not knowing what will happen to them or their assets. Many may have found themselves deep in personal debt through no fault of their own. No matter what the reason, individuals just want to get back on track financially and rid themselves of overwhelming debt.

Actress files for bankruptcy after divorce

When Colorado residents go through a divorce, it can be a very stressful and emotional time. On top of these emotions, ex-spouses may be left with significant financial challenges and high personal debt.