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June 2013 Archives

Can a creditor try to collect on a debt after it is discharged?

With the housing market reportedly rebounding across the country, some homeowners may be breathing a sign of relief or looking forward to not being underwater on their mortgages. Yet, for the many Colorado residents who lost their homes to foreclosure during the housing crisis or who are still under threat of losing their home, the damage may have already been done.

Tech founder's bankruptcy dismissed after failure to follow rules

Colorado residents are used to following rules. Whether it is obeying traffic rules, or following work policies, it seems like rules are everywhere, along with the consequences for breaking the rules.

Mortgage-settlement checks to be mailed out to Colorado residents

For most Colorado residents, the most important asset they own is their home. Understandably then, Colorado residents spend a great deal of time working to pay for, and maintain, their home.

Bankruptcy and your health here in Colorado

Almost every Colorado resident has been personally affected by cancer, whether by having the illness themselves or knowing someone who has had it. Individuals know that, while cancer takes a huge toll on a person's body, it can also wreak havoc with that person's finances.