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May 2013 Archives

What happens if I can no longer make payments under Chapter 13?

When individuals agree on a plan, they know that sometimes, circumstances can change that alter that plan. This is true in Chapter 13 bankruptcy as well, as a person's income or intentions may change during the bankruptcy process.

Famous rapper nearing end of bankruptcy case

With tax season officially over, many Colorado residents are thankful they do not have to worry about paying taxes for another year. Others are not as fortunate, as their taxes have resulted in more personal debt. For these individuals, Chapter 7 bankruptcy may be an option to deal with these financial challenges.

Despite rebounding housing market, some still in deep debt

The news continues to trickle in of signs of an improving economy, including a rebounding housing market. While Colorado was one of the first states to be hit hard by the foreclosure crisis a few years ago, Colorado is now ranked near the bottom of states with homeowners considered delinquent on their mortgage. Indeed, state filings are listed at the lowest levels they have been since 2007.

Dispelling the common misconceptions of bankruptcy

As discussed last week on this blog, it is important to understand how to eliminate debt from the start. While filing for bankruptcy in the proper manner is vital, individuals also want to know what happens after they receive a discharge of their debt. In particular, individuals may be concerned with what happens to their credit after filing for bankruptcy.