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April 2013 Archives

Where should you file a bankruptcy petition?

Colorado residents struggling with debt understand how difficult it can be to live day by day with crippling debt. While these individuals often want immediate help, it is important to know that true debt relief may often only be accomplished after a person undergoes a series of steps, for instance through Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Are you eligible for bankruptcy if you already went through one?

There are a number of reasons individuals get into debt. Medical issues and credit card debt are chief among these reasons, but Colorado residents may incur debt for a host of other reasons as well. In any event, no matter how the debt is accumulated, individuals should consider filing for bankruptcy if the debt becomes too high to bear.

Deep in debt? Bankruptcy may be the right option

When Colorado residents get deep in debt, there often are no easy solutions. The situation can be scary, as bills continue to mount, while a person's home, car and other assets are at stake of being foreclosed upon. In these instances, individuals may wonder if filing for bankruptcy is right for them.

State judge files for Chapter 13 bankruptcy

When financial hardships hit Colorado residents, it does not matter what job a person holds or what status they have, as it can be difficult for everybody. Even those seemingly at the "top" can find themselves in stressful times if debt accumulates beyond control. For these individuals, Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be an option to obtain debt relief.