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February 2013 Archives

What are a debtor's obligations in Chapter 13 bankruptcy?

The range of emotions for the many Colorado residents who are facing financial challenges often varies widely. Some may feel a sense of shame for being behind in monthly bills, while others justifiably feel confused at how they ended up in the situation. Often times, the financial struggles are not caused by the fault of the person, as an unexpected medical event or other incident can throw a person into financial straights.

Harassing creditors threaten to take away individuals' kids, pets

When Colorado residents become submerged in high debt, they may feel like they do not know where to turn for answers. This is especially true when individuals start facing creditor harassment through threatening phone calls, letters and other means. In these situations, it is important to know one's rights, and what can be done to stop creditors from continuing their threats.

Colorado residents: are you struggling with high student loans?

Many Colorado students are well aware of the rising crisis involving student loan debt. With student loan debt increasing year after year, many individuals are feeling less and less able to pay their student loans, much less their other bills. Fortunately, there may be some options that can help to obtain debt relief.

Casey Anthony, mother acquitted in 2011, files for Chapter 7

As discussed previously in this blog, many Colorado residents may become overwhelmed in debt after a sudden incident, like a medical injury or job loss. For others, however, the accumulation of debt occurs over years, with credit cards and other bills stacking up. In either event, Chapter 7 bankruptcy may be a way to break the debt cycle and achieve a fresh financial start.