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January 2013 Archives

Colorado residents confront emotions, finances in bankruptcy

When Colorado residents face unexpected life changes, such as a job loss or medical incident, their finances may be dramatically impacted. For many, filing for bankruptcy may be a viable option to deal with these sudden financial challenges. Unfortunately, some may be hesitant to file for bankruptcy because of the perceived emotional effects.

Colorado residents: what you can do to save the family home

Despite signs that the economy continues to recover, many Colorado residents continue to face tough financial times. This is particularly true for senior citizens, single parents and those on disability. No matter what someone's personal situation is, however, when it becomes difficult to make a monthly mortgage payment, residents may need to think of how they can stop foreclosure.

New Colorado program aims to help homeowners stop foreclosure

Colorado residents struggling to stop foreclosure may feel they have very limited options. However, the feelings of frustration should not stop homeowners from taking action as soon as possible, whether by filing for bankruptcy or pursuing other options.