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November 2012 Archives

Student debt plagues parents just as much as students

It often seems that, more than ever, people are struggling to get out from under heavy debt, whether through bankruptcy or some other form of debt relief. As a nation we are often over extended. At times this is due to decisions we make as individuals, but other times it is a consequence of the world we live in. This is particularly true for the millions struggling to pay for college. Colorado families in need of debt relief may sympathize with the following.

The holiday season is here: keep consumer debt low

With the financial challenges and the consumer debt that has been acquired by Americans since 2008, the number of individuals filing for bankruptcy protection has also increased. Credit card debt -- some of which is unavoidable for many families -- is one of the main reasons that individuals find themselves struggling and then needing a fresh financial start.

Drastic paint measures as option to save your home

Would you, if suffering from severe financial challenges, allow a company to paint your house a neon color with signs in order to advertise their business? Homeowners across the nation, including right here in Denver, are saying yes as a desperate attempt to get some assistance with debt relief.

Certain credit card habits that can harm you in the end

Debt is inevitable for most families in the United States. Whether it is student loan, medical, mortgage or credit card debt, the vast majority of Americans owe a creditor in some way. Despite the many benefits of credit cards, those little plastic gems can sometimes result in an unmanageable debt situation for unsuspecting consumers.

Financial challenges can affect anyone, even Colorado politicians

With the recent recession that has affected many individuals throughout the U.S., bankruptcy has been a necessary option for many people facing significant financial challenges or unexpected life changes. Personal bankruptcy in the form of Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 can be a remedy to help such individuals or families.