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August 2012 Archives

Can your home be foreclosed after you file Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

You filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection and all your debts, including your home mortgage were discharged during the bankruptcy proceedings. Now you find out four years later the bank is planning on selling the home in an auction, can they do that without actually taking over the house? The answer is yes even though the house may still be in your name the bank can indeed foreclose on your home. Filing for bankruptcy and listing your home mortgage among your debts does not actually provide your lender with the means in which to physically recover the property.

Colorado IRS agent files bankruptcy, is accused of mortgage fraud

Times are tough, even for an IRS investigator in charge of recommending mortgage fraud cases for prosecution. After testifying in a federal court against a variety of mortgage fraud defendants, one Denver-area IRS agent decided to open up to a reporter about an investigation into whether she herself had committed mortgage fraud. Back in December of 2009, the IRS agent and her husband filed for bankruptcy protection. They then proceeded to live in a $500,000 home in Greeley, Colorado, without making mortgage payments for two years.

Judge: 90 percent of credit card debt collection lawsuits flawed

The only thing worse than harassing debt collectors are companies who attempt to collect on bogus or erroneous debt. According to a recent report, credit card companies are having some of the same paperwork difficulties that plagued the mortgage lenders when they attempted to foreclose on mortgage debt with incomplete or erroneous documentation. With the recession and recent hard times hitting many Coloradoans and others around the country, many credit card companies are struggling with keeping up on their credit card debt collection efforts.

Olympic athlete's mother files for Chapter 13 bankruptcy

As many Coloradoans may know, the road to the Olympic Games is often fraught with hardship along with hard work and dedication, and that goes for the parents of the Olympic athletes as well as the athletes themselves. The mother of the 2012 Olympic Games' breakthrough star thus far, Gabby Douglas, has indeed been hit with hard times as she reportedly filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy just a few months before her daughter won gold in London. Natalie Hawkins, Gabby's mom, filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection in hopes she will be able to get her finances back on track soon.

Report on debt collection complaints a real eye opener

If you have ever had to deal with a debt collector in Colorado or elsewhere, you know how some of their tactics can lead some debtors headed for a bankruptcy attorney. Having to respond to legitimate debt collection efforts is frustrating enough, but throw in the scammers and con artists who attempt to collect on either a paid debt or one that never existed in the first place and you might want to call an attorney for a different reason. It is unfortunate that in today's tough economy already cash-strapped Coloradoans and others are forced to endure collection efforts for debts they do not even own.