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June 2012 Archives

Better Business Bureau issues warning against 'bankruptcy' firm

The owner of a firm calling itself the Affordable Law Center is facing law suits in Colorado and other states for allegedly providing legal services it is not qualified to offer. According to the President and CEO of the Better Business Bureau, there is a "clear pattern of deception" on the part of ALC when it advertises that the firm offers legal expertise in bankruptcy filings when, in fact, the firm does not have a single attorney on its staff.

Medical debt forcing more Colorado consumers into bankruptcy

In 2007, 60 percent of all bankruptcies could be contributed to medical debt issues, according to research conducted by two Harvard University medical doctors. That is no surprise to one Denver resident who was diagnosed with organ failure in 2008 which resulted in numerous medical problems, treatments and hospital stays. And although she had government insurance as an 18-year employee at the Federal Bureau of Prisons, she was forced to file for bankruptcy in 2010 after racking up more than $15,000 in out-of-pocket medical expenses.

A tale of creditor harassment and violations of bankruptcy law

When most Colorado residents think about the bailouts given to big banks and how these same banks sometimes treat its customers a collective groan can be heard around the state. Following is a story of a regular customer attempting to take advantage of the only bailout or debt relief available to consumers, which is filing a personal bankruptcy.

Colorado residents, has the 2009 CARD Act helped you?

With the three year anniversary of the 2009 CARD Act upon us, the research and advocacy group Demos has released a report suggesting the act has indeed helped low- and middle-income consumers pay down their card balances while avoiding fees. As many Colorado residents may know, credit card debt can put be a debilitating strain on family finances. The Act sought to protect consumers by limiting the exorbitant fees and sharp interest rate hikes, along with some of the other even more frustrating practices used by credit card companies.