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Learning how to economize after filing for bankruptcy

Perhaps filing bankruptcy became the wisest course of action following your divorce. With credit card bills, leftover medical debt and only one income instead of two, making ends meet was difficult.

Looking ahead, one of the main post-bankruptcy challenges you face is learning how to save money. To help you get started, here are a few suggestions on how to economize.

Recognizing signs of parental alienation

When you divorce your significant other, you may be able to disentangle your life from your former partner’s without too much trouble. If you divorce your significant other and the two of you share a child, though, you may find that disconnecting your life from your ex’s proves to be more challenging.

Co-parenting may be difficult even under the most favorable of circumstances. However, if the relationship that exists between you and your ex is especially ugly or spiteful, you may have valid concerns about parental alienation possibly occurring. Just what is parental alienation, and how might you recognize it when it takes place?

The 341 meeting is a key stop on your bankruptcy journey

The 341 meeting is also called the meeting of creditors because this is an opportunity for creditors to come face-to-face with debtors.

However, this meeting has an equally important purpose. This is where you will meet the trustee assigned to the administration of your bankruptcy case.

Relocation means big changes to child custody arrangements

You are grateful for a promotion at work, but it means moving from Colorado to Utah. Because you are the custodial parent for your daughter, she will go with you.

Obviously, relocation will disrupt the current child custody arrangements, and the family court will have to approve the move. What factors will the court consider?

Will you lose your dog in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing?

Colorado is the perfect place to raise a pup. After all, the climate in the Centennial State is favorable for your furry friend. Even better, with countless miles of hiking trails and dog parks seemingly everywhere, you have plenty of space to enjoy your pooch. If you have fallen in love with your dog, though, you may worry about losing him or her after declaring bankruptcy. 

Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection is a good option for many Denver-area residents drowning in a sea of debt. If you have credit card balances, medical bills, automobile loans and other expenses you are struggling to pay, taking advantage of Chapter 7 may be the right approach. While you may lose some of your assets during your filing, you can probably keep your dog. 

Co-parenting after divorce is a trial-by-error undertaking

Just getting through the divorce is stressful enough, but if you have children, you must also learn how to become successful at co-parenting.

Whether you have toddlers, young children or teenagers, co-parenting is a learning experience that comes with unique challenges.

Lawmakers considering bankruptcy for student loan debts

One of the problems with bankruptcy today is that it doesn't address the looming problem of student loans. For many people in America who have crippling debt, the issue isn't that they don't make enough money or that they aren't good with it. The reality is that their student loans can cost them as much as a mortgage payment each month, straining their finances significantly.

It's not unusual to see that many people carry debt in the form of student loans. For one in three consumers, student loan debt makes up around 49 percent of their debt, leaving them with as much as half of their debts untouchable through bankruptcy. Presently, bankruptcy does not allow the discharge of many student loans.

What is the reaffirmation agreement?

Bankruptcy can be a scary time for families considering it as an option for eventually getting their finances back on track. Fortunately, there is an array of resources to help navigate you through this trying time, and you can visit Colorado's Bankruptcy Court website to learn more. 

Bankruptcy proceedings have numerous ins and outs. There are many terms you need to familiarize yourself with, such as the concept of a reaffirmation agreement. Signing one can drastically alter the course of events during your bankruptcy, so you always want to speak to a legal professional first before signing any paperwork. 

Same-sex couples face unique challenges in divorce

As a same-sex couple, being able to marry gives you the same rights as heterosexual couples. You get the right to thousands of benefits federally and at the state level, too.

Of course, just like opposite-sex marriages, same-sex marriages can end in divorce. With them, though, there are more complications. Why? Many same-sex couples were not married when they would have been because it used to be illegal. As a result, the shared assets they have may include more than just what they've acquired during their marriage.

In debt? The right help does make a difference

It can be difficult to imagine yourself going through bankruptcy, especially if you were always good at managing your money. You may be distressed over the fact that you lost your job, became disabled or suffered other problems that caused you to fall behind on your bills.

You are not alone in this situation. Many people struggle to make ends meet at one time or another. Even those who earn high salaries could find themselves struggling with money and turning to bankruptcy if they fall ill or live beyond their means.


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