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Divorce can actually be good for your children

Many parents hesitate to divorce, no matter how unhappy they are, because they're concerned about how their children will be impacted. Certainly, there's considerable research addressing the short-term and long-term impact of parental divorce. However, if that divorce puts an end to constant fighting or silent rage and co-parents can find a way to work together to ensure their children's well-being, divorce can have a multitude of benefits for kids, both in the present and long into the future.

Following are a few ways that divorce can be beneficial for kids.

Main reasons both men and women file for divorce

If you are contemplating a divorce, the reasons for filing can differ between men and woman. You can also find a difference when it comes to which sex files for divorce more. Research has found that women tend to file for divorce more than men. But what are the main reasons both men and women will file for divorce? If you immediately thought money was one of the biggest reasons for divorce, you may be surprised it is not even on the list for either men or women. 

Things to consider if you want to keep the house after divorce

If you and your spouse own a home, that's likely to be the largest asset the two of you will need to find a way to divide in your divorce. Sometimes, couples have no choice but to sell the home and split the proceeds. It's usually too much for one person to afford on their own.

However, for many people, the family home simply has too many memories to part with. Moreover, if you still have children at home, you may want them to be able to remain in their home amid the tumult of their parents' divorce. Even if they'll be living part of the time with your co-parent in their new place, you don't want them to give up their familiar bedrooms, yard and neighborhood.

Denver man disputes ruling that he and ex-partner were married

A few months ago, we discussed here on this blog how important it is for same-sex couples who are divorcing to ensure that any prior legal unions, no matter what state they were entered into, are dissolved. Failing to do so can cause complications for couples who want to make a clean break and go their separate ways. However, what if you were never legally married?

Back in 2003, before gay marriage was legal in the state, two men had a commitment ceremony. Last year, when one of the men, a former Navy pilot, who lives in Denver, ended the relationship, his partner sued him, seeking financial support.

Halting creditor contact with an automatic stay

You face frequent communication from badgering creditors. They call you on your cell phone on your way to work, when you spend time with your family and even while you grocery shop. The contact makes you nervous, as you know you owe substantial debt, and you just wish to have relief from the daily reminders of your owed money.

By filing bankruptcy in Colorado, you can avoid creditor contact. No mailings or telephone calls may take place after you begin the process, and you can begin a plan to pay back your owed money. Bankruptcy is so often viewed as a negative action, but the process provides relief for so many individuals and families, and it can offer a fresh start to your life and finances. If you head toward bankruptcy, it is important that you seek the expertise of a bankruptcy attorney, so that you can file all necessary documents timely and avoid illegal creditor contact during the process.

How parents can optimize their visitation rights after divorce

If your co-parent has primary physical custody of your kids and you have been granted visitation rights, it's understandable that you may be frustrated by your inability to spend as much time with them as you'd like. Whether the arrangement is one that you and your co-parent agreed on (perhaps because you have moved some distance away) or it's been ordered by a court, it's essential to help your kids understand the arrangement and to make the most of your time with them.

Kids need to be able to rely on the visitation schedule that's been worked out. This helps them maintain a sense of stability and predictability that children of divorce often lose.

What should you look for in a balance transfer credit card?

If you feel like you're already drowning in credit-card debt, the Federal Reserve's plan to increase interest rates twice before 2018 is over isn't welcome news. Credit-card holders could be seeing the first of these rate hikes reflected in their interest rates as early as next month.

If you're carrying balances on your credit cards, an interest rate hike is only going to increase those balances. The average rate on variable-rate cards is already over 17.3 percent.

Planning for Halloween as divorced co-parents

Halloween is still weeks away. However, if you're a divorced parent sharing custody of your kids, you know that everything requires a little more planning than it used to.

If this is your first Halloween parenting across two households, communication with your co-parent may still be a little tense. However, as always, remember that your kids should be your focus -- particularly on this holiday.

Back-to-school tips for adoptive parents

Heading back to school is both exciting and nerve-wracking for all children and parents. However, adoptive parents recognize that their child may face unique challenges.

Here are a few tips to prepare yourself, your child and your child’s teacher for the new school year.

The risks of working with a debt settlement company

If you're struggling with debt and looking for a solution, you may be considering working with a debt settlement company. These companies claim to negotiate with your creditors to get them to agree to a lower payoff amount or to forgive the debt completely.

However, letting one of these companies handle your debt can be a risky proposition. Often, the company will instruct the client to stop paying their creditors and to pay it instead while it handles the negotiations. The idea is that the debt settlement company will use those funds to pay off the negotiated balance and to pay itself -- either by taking a monthly fee or a percentage of your debt.


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