What if I Owe Child Support in a Colorado Bankruptcy?

Past due child support payments are never dischargeable through bankruptcy. In fact, if you are behind on child support payments, this will be the first thing that will be paid out of the funds collected by your trustee.

Even though you cannot eliminate your back child support payments, which are referred to as arrearages, filing for bankruptcy can allow you to catch up on child support payments by eliminating other monthly bills and outstanding debts.

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When you fall behind on child support payments, the money may be collected by garnishing your wages, depending on how old the outstanding payments are. In Colorado, your paycheck can be garnished at a rate of 55 or 65 percent. For most people, this puts them in a dire financial situation. Before you get to this point, our attorneys encourage you to explore your options. Through a Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing, we may be able to spread out your arrearages over a three- to five-year period, so you won't lose such a large portion of your monthly income.

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