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For a divorce, make sure your Facebook account is in order

Divorces are often emotional times. Even when the couple is splitting on good terms, they often mourn the loss of what could have been. Unfortunately, even the most amicable splits can turn ugly, depending on what happens on social media.

Here is an example. Say that you and your spouse are divorcing, and you go to a party with your children. Someone from the party gets huggy with you and tags you in the Facebook pictures he or she posts. You also post pictures from the party of your kids being around people drinking from beer cans. The flirtatiousness and the alcohol could have your spouse seeing red. Likewise, you might be short on funds, so how to explain the shiny new car you are driving in a Facebook post? Here are some ways to ensure your Facebook “house” is in order.

What divorcing couples need to know about mediation

You may have heard about divorce and parenting mediation in Colorado. This is a cooperative process that can serve as an alternative or as a complement to litigation. While, technically, Colorado law does not require mediation for divorcing couples, as a practical matter, many judges will order mediation at some point during litigation so that the parties can resolve certain disputes. Couples may also choose to start with mediation rather than filing a contested divorce in court right away.

Many people mistakenly think mediation only works for couples who can communicate peacefully and are happy to reach an agreement. Even if your divorce suffers from emotional landmines and highly contentious disputes, working with a mediator can help you achieve compromises. This said, while mediation offers several advantages, it is not a viable option for everyone.

What are the most common reasons people file for bankruptcy?

It is a common myth that those who file for bankruptcy simply have spent more money than they can afford. Many fall on hard times they did not see coming, had medical issues that were expensive or lost jobs because of layoffs and cutbacks. These are things no one can anticipate, and there are many different reasons people file for bankruptcy to get a fresh start.

Bankruptcy can relieve an overwhelming debt that consumers carry on their shoulders, and it can allow them to start over when it comes to finances. If you fall into one of the most common reasons people file for bankruptcy, it may be a valuable option for you.

You have more control than you think when dealing with a difficult ex

Divorce can be a nasty process, and every single couple is different. Some split on friendly terms while others will use every weapon at their disposal to make it hard on the other party. Some find themselves constantly victimized by someone that simply wants to ruin their life. This becomes particularly problematic if you have children together. If you are dealing with a difficult ex and want to stop playing the game and giving in to what he or she wants, use the following ideas to change your behaviors and exert more control over his or her behavior.

Debunking common bankruptcy myths

If you have ever been unexpectedly let go from a job, watched your marriage dissolve or come into considerable debt due to an accident or another unforeseen circumstance, you may have considered filing for bankruptcy. All these situations may lead you to file for bankruptcy, but if you are like many people, you may not fully understand the steps involved in the process and how the filing may affect you moving forward. Below are some of the most commonly heard bankruptcy myths debunked. Now you can separate fact from fiction and get a clearer picture as to whether filing might be in your best interest.

5 examples of debt creditor harassment

When you fall behind on bills, you do not need the extra stress of creditors bothering you. There are various reasons that people fall into debt, such as family emergencies or losing a job. No matter what got you into this financial situation, harassment from debt collectors is never okay. Understanding the characteristics of debt collector harassment will help you understand if it is time for you to seek legal action to protect yourself.

Which Assets Can I Keep After Filing Chapter 7 in Colorado?

Bankruptcy can often either be good choice or the only choice after Americans experience catastrophic illness, extended unemployment, or unsuccessful business ventures. Many individuals believe that they will lose everything they own when they file bankruptcy. However, this is not the case.

If you find yourself in a truly challenging financial situation, an experienced attorney will be able to help identify which assets the court will allow you to keep if you ultimately choose to file for bankruptcy. Only when you have all the information will you be able to decide if bankruptcy is the best choice for your situation.


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